“Not Bad for a Monday!”

So, I asked my coworker how her day was going and she said, “Not bad for a Monday!”

A couple days later, I asked another colleagues how he was doing, to which he replied “Doing good. It’s hump day!”

Later in the week, I overheard coworkers talking about their weekend plans, “Thank God its Friday!”

Work is perceived to be so terrible that we utter these phrases day after day, without giving it much thought. It is part of the culture to complain and look forward to the weekends when we are free to pursue our happiness.

What would it look like if we pursued happiness not only on weekends, but at work?  Sounds crazy, I know. But I think it would be transformative.

I’ll let you in on a secret.  I enjoy my work. Most days, it is really quite fun!  I seldom have the “Sunday Dreads.”

When I share this with others, usually they look at me like I am from another planet.

Being happy at work and admitting it is counter cultural. It’s uncool. But I am not deterred because my own happiness is at stake. I would rather be happy than miserable.

In addition to pursuing my own happiness at work, I have made it my goal to change the culture. Instead of asking “how are you doing?” I tilt toward positivity by asking, “What are you working on that is fun?” Interestingly enough, I almost always get an answer and even a smile, creating space for more joy in the culture.

Now, I admit that not all of the jobs I have had in my life have been totally fun. Even my current job isn’t all roses and sunshine. Still, every job has aspects of enjoyment if we are open to this possibility.

We could all have more fun at work if we challenged the assumption that work isn’t supposed to be fun.

Please join my positivity campaign and have fun at work, and encourage your colleagues to too.  Challenge the negative messages that have become part of the culture, and create the work environment that you want. We spend a significant portion of our lives at work.  It oughta be fun!

For more radical ideas on how to improve your work culture, see my book, Management Culture at mgmtculture.com or on Amazon.com.









About Denise Moreland

The dynamics between employees and managers are fascinating, and often dysfunctional. I have spent my career trying to create healthy and engaging relationships. My book, Management Culture (Two Harbors Press, 2012), identifies outdated rules and patterns, and offers fresh ideas on how we can all improve our work places. Learn more and purchase Management Culture at mgmtculture.com. Through my business, LifeGuides, I provide life coaching, facilitation and public speaking services. Please follow me on: Facebook Linkedin Twitter
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1 Response to “Not Bad for a Monday!”

  1. edensquare says:

    I really appreciate this. I’m personally trying to do away with saying that I am “just so busy” because it shuts down discussion, makes work seem mysterious, and misses opportunities where we can help each other.

    I will, however, keep loving my Fridays in the office where I accomplish so much I feel gleeful going into the weekend. Now there’s something I want for all the days of the week.


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