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The dynamics between employees and managers are fascinating, and often dysfunctional. I have spent my career trying to create healthy and engaging relationships. My book, Management Culture (Two Harbors Press, 2012), identifies outdated rules and patterns, and offers fresh ideas on how we can all improve our work places. Learn more and purchase Management Culture at Through my business, LifeGuides, I provide life coaching, facilitation and public speaking services. Please follow me on: Facebook Linkedin Twitter


We live in a fashion-driven culture that impacts every sector of our lives. What was trending last year (or yesterday!) is soon considered passé. Fashion changes are most noticeable in clothing, technology, language, music, and, for me, glasses. Just when … Continue reading

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You’re Welcome!

“Thank you.” “You’re welcome.” When you have this exchange, you are probably talking with a baby-boomer or traditionalist. “You’re welcome” is a lovely response of hospitality and generosity. “Thank you.” “No Problem.” Now, you are likely talking with a Gen-Xer. … Continue reading

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‘atta Girl!

When I was growing up in the 1960s, women were routinely referred to as “girls.” The woman’s movement of the 70s and 80s changed the culture so that it became the norm in professional settings and in the media, and … Continue reading

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Weaponized Language

Have you noticed in recent years that our everyday language has become weaponized? We have replaced “tools” and “toolkits” with “weapons” and “arsenals.” To respond to a crisis, we now have “SWAT teams” who meet in “war rooms.” When we … Continue reading

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“Stay in Your Lane”

When people are driving, it is important for everyone to stay in their lanes, and only switch lanes when it is clear.  Driving is a complex activity with a simple goal—get from point A to point B, as safely and … Continue reading

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Criticism & Correction

When I look back on all the jobs I’ve had, the ones that have given me the most sleepless nights have in common a continual fear of being criticized. An email from the “boss” or a request to go to … Continue reading

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The Boss is Always Right!

“The Boss is Always Right” is the most dangerous unwritten rule that we follow in the workplace. Pretending that bosses are always right, even when they are not undermines the organizational mission, work goals and healthy relationships. It breeds a … Continue reading

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